Sunday, 29 November 2009


Hello,its been a month since i've updated this blog....Haha finished my O'Level and now waiting for the result,just hope i got what i deserved ya?Well enough of that lets get to business.This will just be a short review of my favourite manga ... Vagabond,by none other than the legendary Takehiko Inoue,the author of Slam Dunk.

This is the cover for the first book,it shows the main character called Shinmen Takezo who later changed his name to Miyamoto Musashi so no one he previously knows knows him.Eventhough this is the first book but it got tons of action And romance in it... physically :)

So far i only manage to collect up to book 17 and i'm still waiting for the other books to be translated to english.I've seen the continuation of the books somewhere in Gadong but it's in Japanese... to bad.
The pictures below shows just how gory and brutal the actions are

Ouch he'll be having a massive headache later on..hehe
Starting from book 14 Musashi arch rival story began's.His name is Sasaki Kojiro famed for his deadly"shallow-cut".His personality is totally different from Musashi who is like an untamed beast hungry for blood,Kojiro is an icy,cold-blooded killer plus he's deaf so he can only rely on one less natural instinct than Musashi

I also enjoy the artwork like the scene from this page,eventhough there is not much colour in it but you can clearly see scenario presented,right?Thats it for today, bye...