Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blowing up a FAKE gundam

Once again i remind you not to this at home unless you are responsible of your own action.This is a fake Gundam probably an Astray blue frame but it looks exactly like the Astry red frame,this is what tou get for buying FAKE gundam.i have already burned some of the body part back in 2007 and one time i hit him with my shinai(bamboo sword used in Kendo) but luckily i could find most of its parts back.Watch from bottom up.

I only use one of this not all.

Sorry if this is not up to your expectation i couldn't take a pic the moment it explode, cause i was covering my ears but dont worry cause in the next post i'll show you how I burn my original(Bandai) Gundam,HG not MG or PG,if i would to burn my Bandai MG or PG(if i have one) that would be equal to burning up my own money right ;).Plus this is given to me for free so i've got nothing to lose HAHAHA.....
See you in the next episode.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

What happens when you mix Tamiya extra thin cement with fire?

PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME unless you are me..... which is impossible.


If i got a free time and i saw something just laying around at home such as this toy car,this will be its fate HAHAHAHAHAHA....................(evil laugh)

Revoltech Protect Gear"The Red Spectacles" Edition.....Rise of the Ghost Army

Just a short review of Revoltech Protect Gear "The Red Spectacles" edition plus Halo 3 figurines.