Friday, 30 April 2010

1/100 OO Raiser W.I.P(part 2)

Just bought about 5 spray cans last thursday for my OO Raiser and it cost me about $57 man.Kapih dah ni hehe... Going to use this translucent green to spray all the clear part including his eyes

Some modification i made on his twin engine(sorry don't really know the names didn't watch the anime)

His shoulder...

also modified a bit.Just to make it look like an MG

After spray painted it with Tamiya's PS-4 Blue color

I accidentally touched it before the paint dried.Now it in a little bit of mess

Other parts that got painted

I used a cutter to scratch the surface ,adding some simple designs on the surface make it looks like u know what

Done spraying some parts

His rifle also got painted and liked the result a lot

Instead of painting it clear blue ,i painted it to green because i only have green color

Signing off,
President Santoloyo

Thursday, 29 April 2010

1/100 OO Raiser W.I.P(part 1) Kotetoys ver.

Hi again guys.Sorry for not updating lately been very busy with exam and stuff.So now back to business.Since i abandon my previous project,i need something to keep me busy so i decided to upgrade my OO Raiser to ver 2.0

His looks before any modification

Going to remove the green paint and replace with a better clear green paint using Tamiya's spray paint

Need to sharpen his fins and add panel lines and some paint job

Working on the Raiser first.Removing add the nubs mark and sanding the edges

His 2 in 1 weapon

Used the cutex to remove all the green paint

Used Tamiya's extra thin cement to glue two parts of the shoulder togather and sand the extra cement so no more seam lines Woohoo....Unfortunately this is the first time i did this so its not very good but the good news is i'm going to spray paint the shoulder so this will hopefully cover the seamlines

By now i already did some minor modification on his shoulders and spray painted his weapons and arms.Wioll show it soon.
Signing off,

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Abandoning my 1/144 Aile Strike Gundam project

Like the title said,i'm going to abandon my project due to some unfortunate events but don't worry i'm not going to fully abandon him,i'm saving him for my"End of Year Project" and that is to blow up this cheap plastic toy Bandai made.

My last year End of year project was also the same that is the "Blowing Up A Fake Gundam";Instead of taking picture i will be posting a video of it in the process of getting his cheap ass into oblivion hahahaha....

Thanks to bro DH for posting my post about Blowing Up A Fake Gundam in his blog and Figure fm,i got like 700++ visitors in 2 days.Is that a lot or what??So guys can you be patient till the end of the year?

Signing off,
Mr.President Santoloyo

Thursday, 22 April 2010

1/144 Fullarmor Gundam 7th (Part 4)Done and next project(1/144 Aile strike rework)

Finally the Internet is back in service hahaha
So this is my next project,well actually this is my previous project but decide to upgrade his looks with my newly acquired skills

Disassembled his body parts and cleaned up his panel lines and paint using alcohol

3 and a half fins

Sometimes Bandai=cheap=patah=paloi=banyak kerja=penat=stress=suicide

See my post about this Gundam first before you scroll down and see the here to see the previous post

100% finished hooray

Again,another broken part this time on his leg joint luckily i have a glue nearby

because of this i decided to not do any action poses

Signing off,
The President

Friday, 16 April 2010

1/144 Fullarmor Gundam 7th W.I.P (Part 3)

Hahaha...the W.I.P is doneas of today but i won't show you the pictures yet,also have something to show to you guys regarding his foot soon

The unpainted legs and weapon

The color scheme that i want to follow

Done spray painting his rifle


Used the Gundam marker for the grey and yellow paint

a bit dirty but still nice

Didn't spray paint some parts of his weapon (rifle or mg?)

forgot to turn over to the other side of his gun while spray painting so now sumpak dah color nya hehehe

Now 100% done

This was taken before i finished npainting his legs and weapon

Final look of his massive rifle

Need to touch up that part later

If only i have putty,i could cement those empty parts

Siging off,
The President