Thursday, 28 January 2010

1/6 Gurren Lagann Yoko Real Image Ver.

I don't know why i buy this PVC Figure.I would usually prefer toys that can move and pose such as Gundam and action ficures but i guess the attraction of this PVC Figure is too great for me to resist hahahaha....anyways i proudly present to you my first loot of the year, 1/6 Gurren Lagann Yoko Real Image Ver. FYI i now have 3 types of Yoko PVC figure and 1 Yoko action figure.Thats not a lot compare to some of you out there hahaha

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Kotobukiya Mechanical Base Series 7,8,9,10

This is where i keep some of my 1/144 Gundam.Nice isn't it,this is the Kotobukiya's Mechanical Chain Base.

The bottom level,mainly for maintenance

The supervisor or also known as Mr.Lim.I did try to paint him but it's just too hard for me,only manage to paint his lab coat and half his face.

Checking the wires

Mr.Lim supervising the maintenance

I don't really know what this is,maybe for refueling or lubricating the joints or perhaps it's used to shower the gundam hahaha...

This is on the top level.RX78 is temporarily beheaded for service

As you can see my RX78 is really dirty so some of the workers that comes with this base cleans and polishes his foots

The mechanical arm is able to lift up rifles and other parts of the body except the body

Can you see the mini zaku i stole from my brother's Keroro kit hahaha....

Thanks for viewing

Friday, 22 January 2010

1/48 Spitfire Mk 2 custom aerial combat damage(part 3)

I insert the tip of the Tamiya chrome silver paint marker in the holes and let some of the ink flow then i uce a paint brush the fits in the holes and brush the ink away from the holes(in this case towards the north-eastern part of the plane).

After the silver paint dries i then insert the tip of the weathering gundam marker (GM29) into the holes just like what i did previously then i brush it in the same direction as the first.This gives you a realistic impression of bullet holes...i think

Because the hole was on the engine, the oils from the engine escapes thats why i apply a lot of the marker paint

Some oil splatter on the wings and burned bullet holes

This was a mistake ,i nearly drilled my finger because of this.Just imagine that someone is shootin from our point of view and hit his tail fin and into the planes body

Nice effect

MAYDAY...MAYDAY...Garuda 1 is down,send rescue team at latitude XXXX,XXXX,ASAP
That's it for today....Sayonara and thanks for viewing

Thursday, 21 January 2010

1/48 Spitfire Mk 2 custom aerial combat damage(part 2)

For the brownish,like burned effect around the machine gun area on the wings i use a burning chop stick.i just put it on the wings for a few second and the burning effect appeared.

The ashes are then brushed away leaving the brownish mark only

This is from the ashes of the wooden stick.I dont really prefer using real ashes because it can be removed easily,i would later brush away the ashes and use the Gundam weathering marker for the exhaust.I just want the exhaust to smell like its on fire thats why i use the ashes

This is the drill that i use to drill the bullet holes.You have 5 different tips for the drill.

This is the Gundam marker that i use for the exhaust the GM29

Finished drilling the holes on the wings and body.I still need to paint the holes and add some effect to it
In part 3 i'll show you the finished plane and how i do it...

1/48 Spitfire Mk 2 custom aerial combat damage(part 1)

This WW2 ace plane is my favourite plane,the Spitfire Mk 2.This is also my next project,i'm going to add some battle damage because one of the propeller is broken so why not add more damage to it hahaha

Spitfire Mk 2

This is all i need to transform this beautiful plane to a damaged plane .There you can see the Gundam weathering marker set that i normally use to weather my Gunpla kit,there are a lot of different color for different purpose,for example the most left marker, the dark brown color is use to look like mud or damp soil on your kit when you apply it and the most right marker is athe silver marker that can be use to add the effect of scratch marks by dry brushing .There is also the Chrome silver marker paint by tamiya that i prefer using than the Gundam weathering marker to add scratch marks by dry brushing also.A metal dish that is use to mix or store the paint for dry brushing.2 paint brush,2 cutter and a lot of ideas hahaha.

I painted the exhaust black and dry brush the exhaust and the wings with Tamiya chrome silver paint.It looks much better than the original color scheme right?

The tail fins also gets the dry brushing treatment and a messy panel lining

Stay tune for part 2 where i add some burn marks and bullet holes to the body

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

1/100 Tieren Ground Type custom weathering(Part 3)

I painted his antaenna's siren(?) red

His machine gun. I know it did a bad job but still learning new techniques

Nub marks! my no.1 enemy

The bazooka

The final form hahaha
So what do you think?should i do this to my 1/100 OO Raiser?