Friday, 25 September 2009


This is my latest Gundam i bought and i took two days to complete it around 5 to 6 hours a day. This is the first time i didn't use any stickers, i use a green gundam marker to colour the 3 holes? For the grey part on the shoulder i mix the black and white gundam marker but it didn't give a greyish colour but instead geryish blue colour.At least it gets the job done without using the stickers

The body core i use the green gundam marker on the outside and inside.Itried to use the stickers but the colour is way different from the original colour.This colour is much more realistic and shiny oooo...

I use a mechanical pencil for the ears,i prefer using my usual marker pen but this time it doesn't look good so i have no choice

Same as the other green part i use the green gundam marker,even the eyes but i have to mix it with the white gundam marker for a lighter tone.

Here is a good example of the greyish blue tone on its foot

I use the black gundam marker to colour the inside pretty messy but this part will be partially covered.

The other section of the back booster that covers the other booster section.(pic above)

I bought this stand at Toys r Us KL in late 2006.

Above him you can see the Kotobukiya mechanical chain base i bought at CH.I combined 4 of them so there are two levels,you can even see some part of Exia.

This is my favourite huh!

Just some of my eqipment

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  1. Hey dude.. Could I use one of the shots of your Astraea in my blog? I'd give you credit of course..