Thursday, 10 June 2010

1/100 Arios Designer color ver. W.I.P 1

Hello guys.....Since this week is a school holiday,i decided to build 2 Gundams.Hahaha........So this is the first one i built a 1/100 Arios designer color version.This is going to be a straight built,no lazy to customize

I was planning to paint the neck part grey but unfortunately i ran out of paint so........

I just paint it with black color because its the only color i have

This is how he looks before the rest of his body is completed

I like how he looks after i completed his arm and wings?

Paint the clesr plastic thing on his arms with clear green and panel lined the arms and body

His torso...also painted the clear plastic clear green

HIs lower body done

Ooops.... forgot to panel line his waist haha...

Should i put the stickers or not? I like the way he looks not sure i'll like him if i put the stickers but what do you think?



  1. no light-up yet? hahahha nice one

  2. HAHAHAHA i totally forgot about the light-up
    hmmmmm.......maybe but not sure