Saturday, 3 October 2009

1/100 OO Raiser

Finished assembling this "magnifique" kit ,back in August.This is a 1/100 OO Raiser from the OO series.Spend 6 hours building this kit without drawing the panel lines,afraid that i might ruin it.Bought it on my 16th birthday for BND94.00 at Chong Hock.

This kit comes with a GN Drive that could light up but not spin like the PG.It uses 2 CR1220 batteries that is not included.

Took off the hands and legs to add some minor detail

The Raiser that can be mounted on the back of OO Gundam.

The pair of hands that I need to work on.

Took off the plastic glass so I can colour them .

The result,as usual used the green Gundam marker like what i did on Astraea.

Still need to cut the nubs and colour the plastic glass.
It doesn't turn out the way i had imagined it,don't know why.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures....

Gundam OO Raiser

I'm surprised to see that Bandai didn't give any clear sticker or decal for this kit,The HG kit does have a clear stickers that you can put on both of the shields.

It can be broken into two,to be mounted on his shoulders

Size comparison of his beam saber with a 1/144 kit.......One Hit K.O

My next target is to get his little brother the HG OO Raiser that probably has more details than a this kit.
The HG kit in the pic above is the main character in my EXTRA TIME episode...........So stay tune for the next episode of........EXTRA TIME.
Thanks Faddy ;) for correcting me.

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