Monday, 22 March 2010

Halo 3 Spartan action figure

Another action figure post,this time its Halo 3 Spartan soldiers.They are happily guarding Yoko who's waiting to be release from her box some day...which i hope will be next month hehehe

On the left is a scout holding a 50 Caliber sniper rifle ? and on the right we got an assault class Spartan soldier equipped with a standard military issue assault rifle

Bought this figure in HK back in 2008.Unfortunately this figure lack detail so i have to panel line some part of his body and helmet

This figure,i ordered it from US for about BND 28.00 and the detail is much better than the second series.This is from the First series.
I was planning to buy another Halo 3 figure but unforunately this shop was selling twice the original price so WTF man!!!!!

Next post Revoltech Revy....

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  1. I LOVE Halo figures! Gonna get it one day!