Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Revoltech Blacklagoon Revy

I actually posted her before,for sale ,but no one wanted to buy her so i decided to keep her and now i present to you one of the most hardcore dual pistol wielding sexy heroine...Revy

Look at this i couldnt even fit the Revoltech joint to her extra head,what a waste

Now look at her thigh,its like she has cellulite

As for her boots i couldnt say much,just look at those nicely detailed boots

Same goes for her belt and mini jeans

The details on her face is just OK
Now thats what i call .....

Nice tatoos
Notice any difference between the real figure and the picture behind it.Look at her elbow.Prototype model is always much better than the real thing and that sucks!

A grenade launcher and a s.m.g is also included.Sorry the s.m.g is blurred

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