Sunday, 28 March 2010

Protect Gear Special Limited Edition

Look what i just bought,Its a Revoltech Protect,The Legend of Dog-Wolf 20th Anniversary Edition Box.cost me about BND 150+.Definitely worth it!

Alright this is the front part of the box.I like the symbol a lot

This is behind the box

Lets open it hehehe...

Besides the figure,they also give 3 pieces of books,2 of the thick books contain a compilation of all the Protect Gear manga from 1988 to 2009.
the other one thin book contains some sketches and a short comic

The discription behind the manga are all written in German
this is the first page from the thin manga.

The "Assault Girls"

The sketches of the character

Now i have 3 Revoltech Protect Gear Yay!
Ok,i havent told you guys yet what the red Japanese writing means,it means 'BANZAI'!!!!!!!!!

The box containing the Limited Edition Protect Gear

The Wolf-dog Symbol

The Wolf-Dog symbol engraved on the right shoulder of the Limited Edition figure

A catalog book is included

Different set of weapons from the normal Revoltect Protect Gear Red Spectacles Ver. but unfortunately the FG 42 is not included but instead...
It includes
MG 34
MG 42
Panzerfaust 60
Much better weapon set Hahahaha.....

MG 42
MG 34

And the Panzerfaust 60

The height between the Limited Edition Figure and the normal figure is the same

Some information are taken from this site
Thanks for viewing

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