Thursday, 4 March 2010

How to build and weather a Gundam Lesson 3

Lesson 3:Dry brushing
Sorry for not replying and updating lately. had a problem with the internet connection.
Now lets get back to class.Dry brushing can make your Gundam look like it's made of metal.And for me thats cool hehehe

You can use any chrome silver or silver marker or paint for the effect.For me this is the one.

I would just use a little bit of paint.Use more if the result is not visible

Using the brush move it in a circular motion so the paint is equally spread on the tip of the brush.Some people would usually wipe the extra paint on a tissue until just the right paint is left but i don't do that because i would just wait for the paint on the brush to dry a little bit(Wait around 5-7s)then i would start brushing but the disadvantage of this technique is,you have to put a little extra force while brushing and you have to brush a lot longer.At least little paint is wasted


After.Not really visible right so more paint should be use.

Move to brush parallel to the tracks repetedly until you are satisfied with the result


Let's move to the body

Dry brushed his cannons and arms but since the color of his arms is light grey its a little bit hard to see

Heavily dry brushed the body

Lightly dry brushed the head

It looks nice is'nt it.well i have to dry brush this part a little more because its nearer on the ground so he might hit some obstacles on the way

Same as the skirts need more dry brushing

Well this is how he looks so far

Next lesson,weathering.
So any question?


  1. wow.. thats an great idea.. did you mix anything with the paint or just the paint from the gundam marker itself?

  2. V,nope not really

    Mangyver5223,Arigato ^^

  3. Have you painted it before hand?

  4. Oh and where did you get the FMA decal hehe

  5. No i didnt paint it
    Its not a decal actually i just drew it

  6. too much dry brushing, think about the bits that are going to be in contact with other parts n how they move, some parts were perfect but others just looked like shit load of silver paint, too much on the body, with dry brushing , less is more

    source; Me and 15 years prop building