Thursday, 11 March 2010

How to built and weather a Gundam Lesson 4:Weathering muddy effect

Hello guys again,sorry for not updating lately.Yes i had a problem with the internet connection but fortunately now it is all fixed but unfortunately school already starts so i'm really busy.
So enjoy learning

I continued dry brushing some of the parts till it looks like this

As always to weather my Gundam i use the Gundam weathering marker set

So where do i get my ideas from? hmm.... its here in this magazine that i bought last year.It the Hobby Japan series 2... i think

I seriously need a thinner to perfect my weathering skill

All my techinque is derived from this magazine well not all but some

If you can read Chinese than you're lucky because 90% of this magazine is written in Chinese

This is the sooted parts which i copied

Wow that looks like a real dirt

I just wish i have the skills to do a Guntank like this one

How did he do this?can anyone tell me.How do you do a weathering like the paint has been scratched off,just like this picture

Now my turn to shine
First of all i use the light brown marker and dry brushed it on the wheels and side skirt just like in the magazine
Then i use the darker marker and dry brushed it on the lower parts of the side skirt to set a different tone to the mud effect so that the higher you get the lighter the tone should be and the lower you get the darker the tone of the mud should be

Get it

Same goes here

For this effect i use the black weathering marker which is to create soot effects.I know its ugly but this is just a test

90% done.

Now all i need to do is to add some bullet holes.Ciao


  1. Drybrushing looks great! I always liked the effect it gave, looks very realistic.

  2. WAo.. nice tips, the out come really good, should try on my FG =D

  3. man,I can't say in english but i can explain in BM:memang macam main dalam lumpur Guntank ni.......+_+

  4. Shinra,I agree
    Jojosochi,No u shud try on you future Pg gundam hahaha just kidding
    Mangyver5223,Tunggu out door phoyoshoot nye nanti...

  5. Nice weathering. May be I should try on one of my kit. LoL!

  6. Freedomwen,Yes! u shud do it hahaha

  7. Hi, just happened to ur blog by chance...and I'm liking what I see! :)

    I have one guntank sitting in my home, naturally weathered (collecting!). Perhaps I should try ur tips.

  8. boyarque,Thanks man hehehehe~
    do some experiment with your Gundams,im sure itll look nice in some way

  9. U should know that Gundam weathering Markers are now history (sold out and Discontinued Forever)???

  10. Really? Hahaha didnt know that :p