Friday, 7 May 2010

1/100 OO Raiser W.I.P (part 5) OO 95% done yeah!!!!

This is how he looks so far.By now his legs are already done,his right leg is half way painted white, half way painting his right leg my spray paint finished.

Painted his inner torso gun metal

Disassemble his leg so i can modify it and later paint it

Marking the areas to be panel lined

I know its still rough,but what can i do im still learning.
Thanks Evaritus Lau,now i know what you mean when you say rough panel lines,i can see it clearly now

I learned when i paint the clear part from the outside using the translucent green paint,it doesnt look clear but more like flat so i tried painting them from the inside and the result is i got clear green

Waiting for the white paint to dry

Too thick hahaha

Comparing his legs before and after detailing

I have to disassemble his body and paint them back to blue.Want to know what happened scroll down

You know when you bought a spray can and when you shake the can you can hear two marbles colliding,when i shake this can i couldnt hear any marbles but only the liquid inside so i tot that this particular can has no marbles and so i started to spray on my OO and this is what happened.......

It looks like he has been snow weathered lol

....I wasn't satisfied with this thing so i shake the can again and to my surprise there was that marble sound.What!? and i start spraying on this kit again after applying a new coat of the blue paint and the result is i love it hahahaha
Signing off,

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  1. Looks nice the snowish! XD Keep it up!