Monday, 3 May 2010

1/100 OO Raiser W.I.P(part 3)

Haha didn't go to school today,why because i'm too lazy haha...So lets continue with my project

Like i said before ,was going to paint all the clear parts green

Ta da.... finished.Too lazy to remove the seamline plus its too hard for me,maybe in the next level

Pheewit.....Hansem eh...mcm si Alif hahaha

Redesigning his shield,i think

Scratched away the surface using a cutter and panel lined it

Satisfied with the design....

...then paint

his shoulder also got modified

Just bought MG crossbone today too , now got 2 Gundams unassemble.
Signing off,


  1. I thought bro gonna prime it 1st before re-spray it blue, no ? Those extra panel line too, kasar o, can see tu garisan ada plastik lebihan. =)

  2. Looking great so far! Nice idea about adding extra panel lines, really helps

  3. Evatarius Lau,wow man you got a sharp eye eh,will try to remove them soon
    Shinra,Thanks man without the extra panel lines this kit looks too boring haha

  4. If eye sight not sharp hard to focus on painting small2 details lor right ? ^^