Sunday, 9 May 2010

1/100 OO Raiser W.I.P(part 6)OO Done

Im very happy with the result guys, although there was some part of the process that i find very problematic.So now i present to you the finished OO made by a humble Bruneian teenager who still have a long way to go before reaching the highest level possible in the world of GunPla.(I feel like crying)lol......

Setsuna F.Seiei posing before he enters OO

Look there's even Luke Skywalker in the back


  1. looks nice =D

    Zoid's pilot spotted!!! its from what zoids?

  2. Reminds me of PG 00 Raiser lolx.

    On the last pic, is it just me that there's some whiterish on left shoulder ?

  3. @Marzz,thanks hehe...
    @ZoiDiecT ArchAeA,don't know forgot already lol
    @Evaritus Lau,thats probably from the top coat

  4. Long time not see guys, nice mood display like it there.. Ur level now is up bro!!

  5. wuih....bleh tahan tu....kata x pandai nak cat. Bos, ini malam aku ada....mari caht ini malam ^_^. uhuk...uhuk (sakit tekak la pulak). pakai link ini:

  6. @Kaymaroo,hahaha thanks for upgrading my level thats why i need more exp to get to higher level
    @Mangyver5223,sori tak dapat chat semalam busy bnyak hw tpi thanks for the invite bro,add la aku kat FB.Faris Fadzillah