Saturday, 15 May 2010

1/100 Raiser W.I.P(part 7)

Sorry for not updating lately,i've been extremely busy spamming in FB.Didn't bother to continue my progress after my last photoshoot with Double O.

Just bought a new masking tape so i can paint my GunPla easier

Will be painted with Tamiya's gunmetal color.

The result after spray painted it with gunmetal color

I'm going to do some extra panel lines on this thing too.Copied a little bit of the design from HobbyJapan magazine

I know this is a boring post,i'm also bored.....
Signing off,


  1. No it's not boring bah boss, but...

    It's just that this post just too short. =)

  2. Is that Umbrella's logo I spy in the corner?^^