Sunday, 28 February 2010

How to built and weather a Gundam Lesson 1 & 2

Alright now,i made this post especially for those of you who want to learn how to assemble a Gundam,so lets get back to school
Lesson 1
Removing excess nub
As you can see here this Rx75 has a lot of unwanted plastic parts a.k.a nubs

So to remove them you can use cutters or just sand it away but for me i prefer using cuttter because it a lot faster and easy but if you want to sand it you ask someone esle hahahaha.....seriously

This is all my equipment
A nipper
A cutter
A screwdriver
A tweezer
A black Gundam marker
A Tamiya chrome silver paint marker
A Gundam marker set(red,blue,yellow,white,metallic dark grey)
A Gundam weathering marker set
A metal dish(to hold the paint for dry brushing)
Some Tooth pick(to make bullet holes)
A lighter /candle
Wow thats a lot!

The burned tooth pick that i use to make bullet holes in the previous project

I disassemble the Gundam and started to remove all the nub marks before painting them.The paint can hide the nub scars easily too : )

Done panel lining on the skirts

Painted the hydraulic pumps and the spring using the Tamiya chrome silver.Don't worry about the excess paint,it can be removed by simply scratching it with cutter

Lesson 2
If there is an excess paint while you do the panel lining this is how you remove it
First apply the marker then...

using your finger wipe the excess paint and...

Walla.A nice and clean paint is left.

Now another example.Take a look at the rectangle shape.I had apply the black paint but theres too much ink so what do you do?...

Yes, correct remove it by wiping it with your fingers.

After lining all the necessary parts, i painted the screw marks silver to highlight the minor details

For all the other parts do what you learn and this will be the outcome

No more nub marks visible

As for his cannons i painted it with the Metallic dark grey from the Gundam marker set and panel lined the area

For his exhaust i painted it yellow to highlight the area.Any excess paint you can just scratch it away using the cutter

Hot Wheels.What do you think if i add spinners to his wheels? hehehe....just kidding

So students any question?

Next lesson i'll teach you how to dry brush and weather, My style


  1. What HG Guntank!? I tried to find it at my plce but never found it until now

  2. Well good luck finding it hehehe....^^

  3. Nice Tutorial!

    Teacher I got a question, when is ur new update?

  4. Thanks
    Today hehehe sory for the late reply