Thursday, 1 April 2010

How to built and weather a Gundam,Lesson 5:Bullet holes my style

Welcome April,Its time for more Gundam hehehe...
school is open again this time i'm going to show you guys how i do my bullet holes effect

You need at least 2-4 tooth pick depending on how many holes you wanted to make.Make sure you cut the pointy edge so that you wouldn't literally make a hole on your Gundam

I also use a Gundam marker to add the after effect, like gun powder effect

Before i start making any holes i need to mark the area i wanted to work on.You could use pencil or marker to mark the areas

Using a candle i lit the tooth pick on fire and just blow out the fire so only the ember is left.

Then using the ember you just stab your Gundam repeatedely on the marked area.Don't stab your Gundam too hard though, or else you will end up with a Holy Gundam Hahahahahaha......

After i apply the Silver or chrome marker or paint,i used the Gundam weathering marker GM29.(which will give you a charred effect)
After that i can use a chrome silver marker or paint to paint the holes so you would have the effect of real-like bullet holes.(Do this first before applying the Gundam weathering marker)

After applying the Gundam marker

Now i have finished modding him.Time to take him for an outdoor shooting,soon

Leave a comment before you leave,Arigato guys


  1. Interesting method! This is the first I've seen for making bullet holes, but using fire makes sense for destructive weathering. Looks good!

  2. thank you for your detail tutorial.. i never thought gundam marker can do so much thing.. you are the best..

  3. Sang kiu sensei for the lesson ~


  4. Shinra,thanks hehehe...destruction is my middle name

    Jojosochi & Evaritus Lau,you're welcome guys

    Seven6398,thats why u shud experiment stuff

  5. nice work, very different as i do the weathering.
    but nice effect, good!!!!

  6. Interesting.... I usually use a joss stick to do battle damages.

  7. guNjap,Thanks hehehe

    Marzz,I saw what you did to your Exia and the effect is extremely nice.I also wanted to do it like your technique but unfortunately i dont have any joss stick huhuhuh...

  8. this is an awsom method i hope you can keep posting differant methods for make a gundam look battle damaged.frqy3e