Friday, 30 April 2010

1/100 OO Raiser W.I.P(part 2)

Just bought about 5 spray cans last thursday for my OO Raiser and it cost me about $57 man.Kapih dah ni hehe... Going to use this translucent green to spray all the clear part including his eyes

Some modification i made on his twin engine(sorry don't really know the names didn't watch the anime)

His shoulder...

also modified a bit.Just to make it look like an MG

After spray painted it with Tamiya's PS-4 Blue color

I accidentally touched it before the paint dried.Now it in a little bit of mess

Other parts that got painted

I used a cutter to scratch the surface ,adding some simple designs on the surface make it looks like u know what

Done spraying some parts

His rifle also got painted and liked the result a lot

Instead of painting it clear blue ,i painted it to green because i only have green color

Signing off,
President Santoloyo


  1. That's GN Drive boss. =)

    Nice darker blue, how many layers ?

  2. dude, inda makai surface primer kah?

  3. 1 bottle of tamiya spray kat brunei brapa?

  4. Evatarius lau,Only one thick layer hahaha
    Syful,as u know i'm still a noob in this spray painting stuff so dont even know what a surface primer is. lol
    Mangyver5223,BND9.90,mahal tu bro kat malaysia brape?

  5. tak silap RM30++