Wednesday, 10 February 2010

1/100 Mg Rx-178 Gundam A.E.U.G custom mod W.I.P (part 3)

Took approximately 1.25 hour just to finish the backpack and some minor detailing.Most of time is spend to do the lining and painting.Here's the backpack,done painting and still need to dry brush it by tomorrow

Painted the exhaust yellow to highlight the area

Painted the inside of the booster yellow too and just need to give some detailing to finish it.

As for the booster itself i painted it silver because thats how it should to look.It takes a long time for the psint to dry but since today was hot,only took a bout an hour to dry

This is behind the backpack

Now the face got upgrsded a little bit.To give depth to the scar i used a glowing wooden toothpick then painted it silver and waite for it to dry and then used a black gundam marker to the scar to give it depth.Looks a lot realistic right? well Thanks to Mangyver5223 for his tips : )

Did some bullets holes on his chest

and painted the outline of the holes silver and black in the centre

Head,body and backpack done.Still need to finish his arms,waist,legs and weapon
See you soon


  1. Nice damage effect, really awesome!! can't wait for the final out come.

  2. I love that slash across the face! Very nicely done!