Monday, 8 February 2010

1/100 Mg Rx-178 Gundam Mk-2 A.E.U.G custom mod W.I.P (part 1)

Hello again,i have two news to announce to bad and one good news.Alright the bad news first,like i said in the previous post that i'm going to post about my Macross jet right.Unfortunately my sister deletedd all my Macross jet photos so now i have to take it again huhuhu...Now the good news is i passed my Brunei Cambridge GCSE'O Level hahaha i got 7 O yeah!!!I only manage to get an E for my Additional Maths,well at least i passed all the subjects.

Alright back to the post i present you my latest Gundam 1/100 Mg Rx-178 Gundam

This is the back side of the body or inner frame,i paint the screws and the spine? chrome silver to add some realistic feel to it.Using the tooth pick to reach the small area

For the panel lining i use a Gundam marker which you can get in Classic Touch at The Mall
for $4.90
After applying the panel lining on the spine it look a lot nicer

This is the front part of the inner frame.I also paint some part of the frame silver and yellow

Add a little bit if weathering

Now this is the body.On the right chest(near us) for the first time i try to sand it and unfortunately the result is terrible hahaha.also done some dry brushing on it

The body

Because the body is already in mess i thought why not i mess it up more.i just grind the yellow part

Paint the grinded area with silver chrome

Add some more scratch marks on the top chest
Notice any difference betwwen this picture and the third last picture besides the paint
Hint*look at the silver paint which looks like Y,wonder why there is a black space there.Thats because i cop off the plastic that has the rectangular shape.(it's hard to explain sorry)

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  1. dude, what kind of sandpaper did you have?

  2. Syful,i didnt even use a sand paper.I think i used a an object similsr to a nail filer or something like that

  3. you could have fixed the problem by sanding it down with finer grid sandpaper...and applied a light coat of paint...