Tuesday, 16 February 2010

1/100 Mg Rx-178 Gundam A.E.U.G custom mod W.I.P (part 5)

First of all i want to say HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL. Rrrrrrrr.......Finished dry brushing the two weapons

Also finished dry brushing the shield.Scroll down and you'll see my master piece hahaha...

Those black dots are marks for the bullet holes...B...E...A...UTIFUL

Sorry for the blurry picture but this is not the end

I still need to Improve the bulletholes so it looks like a real bullet holes rather than a melted plastic holes.Still need to paint the outline of the holes silver

You know whats ironic about bullet holes is(for gundam).....it's not even a hole but a deep enough dent.Understand what i mean.Alright the secret to make nice bullet holes is not to make a hole but just a dent on the surface of your gundam or shield in this case

I also add a new feature to the shield

Yes! a net, covering the lower part of the shield.Then i need to tear some part of the net to give it a battle damaged shield.

For now all the damage you can see here is the bullet holes but don't worry more damage will be done Mwahahaha......

Oh i forgot to put the decal before glueing the net first hehehe.looks like the decals going to be on top of the net.Luckily the decal is water based
See you soon....


  1. faris, how to apply dry brush?? i mean the colour combination, u use silver or silver chrome?? not very confident to make it on my next custom project..:-(

  2. Kaymaroo,sorry for the late reply man.
    I use a Tamiya silver chrome
    Hmmm...i usually use a paint brush with smooth brush with just enough paint that will stain the target area

    heres a vid that will show you how
    i use a similar technique like him

    i suggest u try on a 1/144 kit first
    Good Luck on your project :)

  3. my NG Dynames gonna be the first trial and the next custom project;-)