Tuesday, 9 February 2010

1/100 Mg Rx-178 Gundam A.E.U.G custom mod W.I.P (part 2)

Done the head today and also done some custom work to it as you can see i cmade a scratch mark along his left face and his antaenna.Paint the scratched areas chrome silver

After that i did some dry brushing on his left face to intensify the erffect hahaha

The right side of his face still looks good

His left eyes is also painted so he only has one working eye.This is what i call a mono eyed Gundam

With the rest of his body.Now this looks a lot better

Thanks for viewing and stay tune for part 3


  1. I can say "cool scratching" effect. actually ithink that it's silver paint spilled to ur gunpla but its wrong. How aabout u add black marker at silver scratch for realistic look?

  2. Mangyver5223,Thanks for your opinion.I'll try that next time and see how it goes

  3. Indeed, after adding the black marker more realistic, nice tip Mangyver5223.

    Like the way you paneling your gundam, very nice and thin. mind to tell how you do that?

  4. Jojo i'll show you how after i finished this Gundam.I use a technique quite similar to yours actually...You rub the ink right after you apply it?i did it like that