Saturday, 13 February 2010

1/100 Mg Rx-178 Gundam A.E.U.G custom mod W.I.P (part 4)

Finished dry brushing the backpack yesterday

the beam rifle is done but still need to dry brush it heavily

The bazooka

Although the shield design is simple i had a hard time assembling it.It's really frustrating when you can't insert the blue part of the shield into the main shield.

I painted a part of the shield yellow rather than using the stickers.I know it's messy but wait i know how to clean them up HAHAHA...

I accidentally deleted the picture that shows the cleaned paint,sorry.Well by simply using a cutter i scrape off the excess paint but bear in mind that this technique can ruin the color tone of the Gundam,if you prefer not to paint them.
Finished the lining for this...

Then i scrape off the excess paint and marker

The pre dry brushed shield

What i like about this shield that it can be transformed in a smaller version by simply sliding the upper part down

Just like this

Magazine can be stored on the shield


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