Saturday, 27 February 2010

1/100 Mg Rx-178 Gundam A.E.U.G custom mod W.I.P (part 8)Done HaHaHa.....

Finally it's done,what a relief

Notice i painted part of his head and shoulder red

Red mohawk with a Huge Scar is just stunning.Dont't you agree?

The decal is damaged badly,my bad. i extremely hate water decal.They couldnt even stick properly

Red knees

More pictures coming soon.Tell me what you think so maybe i could improve his looks


  1. Man.. impressive work you have done. Do you have any class that i can attend? mind to teach how you make the bullet hole?

    Should bring this baby outdoor shooting.

  2. Really nice work, red highlights give some much needed color, good call.

    How can you hate water slide decals?! They're so much nicer than dry transfer or normal stickers. Are you using any setting solution like Mr Mark Softer/Setter?

  3. Jojosochi,Thanks hehehe
    Yes,i will post how to do everything i did soon so please come to every lesson ya hehehe

    Shinra,Thanks for the comment man

    I think that's my problem no?i didn't even use any setting solution

  4. @Faris: What is ur purpose applying red paint at ceratin parts of mkII?

  5. Mangyver5223,I know sooner or later someone would ask me this question
    Alright here is the story...
    this Mk2 has been badly damaged as you can see but some parts are so badly damaged they have to salvage another Mk2 parts,and this "another Mk2" has red paint so they didn't have the time to paint the parts white so they leave it red
    So thats why he has those red parts

  6. ooo..that's the point of it....I really like your painting style...So impressive

  7. owh cant believe i`m miss this post, completed already?? whoa so mengancam dan ganas.. U really a sifu now;-)

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