Thursday, 29 April 2010

1/100 OO Raiser W.I.P(part 1) Kotetoys ver.

Hi again guys.Sorry for not updating lately been very busy with exam and stuff.So now back to business.Since i abandon my previous project,i need something to keep me busy so i decided to upgrade my OO Raiser to ver 2.0

His looks before any modification

Going to remove the green paint and replace with a better clear green paint using Tamiya's spray paint

Need to sharpen his fins and add panel lines and some paint job

Working on the Raiser first.Removing add the nubs mark and sanding the edges

His 2 in 1 weapon

Used the cutex to remove all the green paint

Used Tamiya's extra thin cement to glue two parts of the shoulder togather and sand the extra cement so no more seam lines Woohoo....Unfortunately this is the first time i did this so its not very good but the good news is i'm going to spray paint the shoulder so this will hopefully cover the seamlines

By now i already did some minor modification on his shoulders and spray painted his weapons and arms.Wioll show it soon.
Signing off,


  1. Word of advice.. Use primer on the part where the seamlines are removed.

    Would give you a better perspective if the thing turned out fine. If not then apply some more plastic cement and sand away.

    If all goes well paint away.. :D

  2. Ah, cement on cement technique is quite good if doesn't have primer though.

  3. Thanks for the advice guys but wished you guys told me earlier because i already painted the shoulder

  4. man, that engine that u mentioned is GN drive