Thursday, 22 April 2010

1/144 Fullarmor Gundam 7th (Part 4)Done and next project(1/144 Aile strike rework)

Finally the Internet is back in service hahaha
So this is my next project,well actually this is my previous project but decide to upgrade his looks with my newly acquired skills

Disassembled his body parts and cleaned up his panel lines and paint using alcohol

3 and a half fins

Sometimes Bandai=cheap=patah=paloi=banyak kerja=penat=stress=suicide

See my post about this Gundam first before you scroll down and see the here to see the previous post

100% finished hooray

Again,another broken part this time on his leg joint luckily i have a glue nearby

because of this i decided to not do any action poses

Signing off,
The President


  1. sure FA looks nice lol

    *looks at Strike's shield*


  2. woo........looks like you can produce battle scarred DIY Gundam now

  3. we still need pla plates Kaicho!!

  4. @Zoidiect,anything built by me is nice ,well not really
    @mangyver,yessssssssss hahahaha....
    @Syful ,i know man hehe