Thursday, 15 April 2010

1/144 Fullarmor Gundam 7th W.I.P (Part 2)

Now continuing part 2,
so what i did was mostly painting some parts that need be painted.
Disassemble the arms and legs to paint the grey parts

And also spray painted his inner waist using the Tamiya's gun metal color.If i had another grey color i would use it instead of this color

His weapons also got painted

and also his backpack

After spray painted all the necessary parts

I used a Gundam markerto paint the tiny detailed parts

For this i use a yellow Gundam marker

Scratched away all the extra paint and done

Those white parts on the weapons is to be painted white

Finished detailing his booster? and top coated it

just need to add a few more layer of white paint

Weapons 70% done

His other weapon 0% done


  1. did you paint the pipes at the back of the knee joint? i found the thigh back armour rubbing alot on the pipes, had to shave off quite a bit of plastic there.

  2. Didnt bother to paint the pipes hahaha....lazy disease ;)