Thursday, 8 April 2010

Guntank outdoor photoshoot

Hahahaha finally finished with him.So heres the result,i was in a hurry that time because it was raining lightly outside so the ground was kinda wet.

The muddy effect that i did on him doesn't suite the background hehehe...

There was supposed to be an ant track here but you couln't see any ants here,maybe they're shy

Sniping or preparing his artillery strike...

on a high mountain side

Can you see him?

Perfectly hidden behind some dry ferns,A snipers delight...camping = noob,but sometimes camping can give you a lot of easy kill in CODMW2 hehehe


  1. wow, good hiding spot......

  2. Mangyver5223,Sniper must find the best spot kali,tpi thats the only spot yng ada daun kering hehehe,stupid guntank
    Syful,Yo man mna kau ani batah nda update