Saturday, 10 April 2010

My present and future Gundam project

Haro guys this is what i've been doing behind your back, quak...quak...quak
This is the first time i bought and used a top coat and spray paint a Gundam,and i like how it turned out toh.My subject is none other than Rx-78 Yay!

Spray painted the weapons of Rx78 with Tamiya gun metal color

Very messy legs.I was planning to spray paint the white parts of his body but i already panel lined the body parts so

Spray painted the back pack with Tamiya gun metal also

Alright this is my next project

This kit is not mine btw,its my 9 year old bro Gundam but built by my older bro,so its my duty to make sure that each and every Gundam in my house to be in perfect condition hahahaha....
Since i am the president of the "Order of The Brunei Gundam Society",just kidding


  1. u wanna make the G30th with backpack cannon like in Gundam origin manga?

  2. I will join the society!!!

  3. Mangyver5223,That would be very challenging for me you know,i'm still a noob in all this Gundam stuff haha
    Syful,You can be my assistant then ^^