Friday, 16 April 2010

1/144 Fullarmor Gundam 7th W.I.P (Part 3)

Hahaha...the W.I.P is doneas of today but i won't show you the pictures yet,also have something to show to you guys regarding his foot soon

The unpainted legs and weapon

The color scheme that i want to follow

Done spray painting his rifle


Used the Gundam marker for the grey and yellow paint

a bit dirty but still nice

Didn't spray paint some parts of his weapon (rifle or mg?)

forgot to turn over to the other side of his gun while spray painting so now sumpak dah color nya hehehe

Now 100% done

This was taken before i finished npainting his legs and weapon

Final look of his massive rifle

Need to touch up that part later

If only i have putty,i could cement those empty parts

Siging off,
The President

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  1. Wow nice! This is one good looking kit despite being a bulky unit!