Saturday, 2 January 2010

Hottoys Terminator Salvation T-700

T-700:This eyes will be the last pair of eyes you will ever look.Click!(cocking his gun)
T-700:Dush..dush..dush..dush(machine gun SFX)...You are Terminated...haha...haha...

Superb details on his chest and around his shoulders

His fingers are truly flexible just like ours

His trigger happy fingers

Nicely detailed legs

Equipped him with a Famas assult rifle(sold seperately)

You need to press this button to activate his glowing red eyes

Hmm... no reproductive organs, so Humans 1 Evil Robots 0

T-700: I believe i can fly...i believe i can touch the sky.. i think about it every now and then...(well then keep dreaming hahahaha...)

Hahaha he couldn't even do a high kick...Human 2 Evil robots 0

T-700:Yes!We are victorious hahahahahaha.....

T-700:Bye with peace and love from us.....

What! he crossed his fingers...Damn shouldn't have trusted one of this things

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