Wednesday, 13 January 2010

KENDO!!!! MEN...KOTE...DO....

As you can see,i am a Ken-do student since late 2006.Unfortunately i don't have the armour suit because it's too expensive(forgot whats the price).Posing with Saber who is my Senpai/sempai.hehehe... My Shinai or bamboo stick and my bokken.The short shinai is from Korea while the longer and heavier shinai is from Japan.The price range not according to size i think but the quality of the bamboo.they also have the carbon fibre shinai thats last longer and lighter but more expensive so i prefer the traditional bamboo.
Playing around with my Bokken and the Bleach sword

Ninja stance ...just joking
Trying to be a Yakuza

One of Sabers pose

What my Sensei always told me,lift the shinai at a 45 degree angle for maximum speed and power

Don't mess with me or i'l stick this up your ass hahaha...
Thanks and bye

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