Monday, 11 January 2010

MG Strike Gundam + I.W.S.P(Part 1)

Strike Gundam:Hey! T-700 your eyes won't be the last pair of eyes they're going to see it's mine haha.(This is what i call the death stare)hehe

Strike Gundam;I can flyyyyy.....and T-700 can't haha...

Preparing for an artillery strike on T-700.

Strike Gundam:did i hit him?

Nice decal design

I chose this decal instead of the other 2.Can you see the sooted exhaust behind the fin?I used the Gundam Weathering Marker for the effect.The marker is quite good because after the ink dries you are left with fine sand particles,it can be removed by wiping it
Some more weathering on his Shield

I've done some scratch marks on his grand Slam and his legs

Can you see the blue thruster its very messy right.I'm too lazy to clean it up because it was 3 am so kinda sleepy haha
I'll show you guys more close up shots in part 2,Thanks and bye

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