Thursday, 21 January 2010

1/48 Spitfire Mk 2 custom aerial combat damage(part 2)

For the brownish,like burned effect around the machine gun area on the wings i use a burning chop stick.i just put it on the wings for a few second and the burning effect appeared.

The ashes are then brushed away leaving the brownish mark only

This is from the ashes of the wooden stick.I dont really prefer using real ashes because it can be removed easily,i would later brush away the ashes and use the Gundam weathering marker for the exhaust.I just want the exhaust to smell like its on fire thats why i use the ashes

This is the drill that i use to drill the bullet holes.You have 5 different tips for the drill.

This is the Gundam marker that i use for the exhaust the GM29

Finished drilling the holes on the wings and body.I still need to paint the holes and add some effect to it
In part 3 i'll show you the finished plane and how i do it...


  1. OMG!! that a huge drill u use bro..:P but what great effect u make on that plane..

  2. Kaymaroo,thanks.i still need to paint the holes black so it shows some depth hahaha