Wednesday, 6 January 2010

G36 bb gun

This is my 1/1 scale G36 air soft gun bought in Indonesia also and made in China by Double Eagle.

The contents.A flash light is missing

Can be equipped with a cross scope laser sight just like the Mac-10.The thingy that points towards you is the handle for reloading.simply pull back the thing and your G36 is loaded.

Don't worry its not real bullets , just a plain plastic.It also features a safety switch above the trigger.

It can also be broken in 3 parts.The real G36 shoulder support can be folded while this cannot but instead it can be pulled off.


  1. i got similiar to this!
    the bloody barrel was two plastic connecting parts, after some skirmish in jungle, a few games, the barrel broke in half.

    i am just keeping the scope for future attachments. heh heh. onto my paintball milsim marker...

  2. Wow! man you skirmished before,lucky you.In my counrty its illegal to have this things

    but the M4 by Double Eagle has metal barrel you know

  3. how do you get these back to brunei?

  4. i just hid it inside a box...

  5. i thought nowadays they use x-ray to scan anything coming in to Brunei?

  6. I bought this bb gun a long time ago.....i think in 2005 or 06

  7. i see. no wonder you can get it through. Thx for the info. Means there's no chance I can bring back my fullmetal M4.

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