Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Kotobukiya Mechanical Base Series 7,8,9,10

This is where i keep some of my 1/144 Gundam.Nice isn't it,this is the Kotobukiya's Mechanical Chain Base.

The bottom level,mainly for maintenance

The supervisor or also known as Mr.Lim.I did try to paint him but it's just too hard for me,only manage to paint his lab coat and half his face.

Checking the wires

Mr.Lim supervising the maintenance

I don't really know what this is,maybe for refueling or lubricating the joints or perhaps it's used to shower the gundam hahaha...

This is on the top level.RX78 is temporarily beheaded for service

As you can see my RX78 is really dirty so some of the workers that comes with this base cleans and polishes his foots

The mechanical arm is able to lift up rifles and other parts of the body except the body

Can you see the mini zaku i stole from my brother's Keroro kit hahaha....

Thanks for viewing


  1. OMG...I want to get more bases lol!! Awesome sight to behold :D

  2. whoaa i want all that series, what scale of mr.Lim/ hanger base crew?? Is it for 1/144 or 1/100??

  3. Chubbybots,You live in Singapore right?they sell more cheaper than here so what are you waiting for buy all of them hahaha

  4. zaraki,Thanks for visiting man hahaha,I not sure whats the exact scale of the hangar crew,i did a side by side comparison with Setsuna from 1/100 Exia kit and the Hangar crew is a bit bigger so i think the scale is somewhere between a 1/100 and 1/60

  5. where did you buy this? can i get it in malaysia?

  6. fairuzaliayen,i bought this base at a local toy shop here in Brunei,i'm not too sure in malaysia,maybe they got sell in a hobby shop...i think

  7. cool! :D I just build my base too. But I'm using 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10.

  8. B-mecha,wow that must be big hahaha