Tuesday, 19 January 2010

1/100 Tieren Ground Type custom weathering(Part 2)

This is just a test,i did this yesterday night.What do you think? i'm planning to do this to my 1/100 OO Raiser but need to finda stick with a suitable diameter first hehehe...

I used a wooden chop stick and light it on fire to melt the plastic then i used the Gundam weathering marker set to add the soot to the damages

You can see my finger print there haha

dirty legs...need to be cleaned by to mechanics later

I know i should do more weathering on his foot but the problem is i'm just too lazy

Wait for part 3 for the upper body and weapons review


  1. seamlines!!! can i erase those?? 0.0

  2. Awesome! great job on ur tieren ground type bro, r they original from bandai??

  3. Kaymaroo,ya these are from Bandai