Thursday, 21 January 2010

1/48 Spitfire Mk 2 custom aerial combat damage(part 1)

This WW2 ace plane is my favourite plane,the Spitfire Mk 2.This is also my next project,i'm going to add some battle damage because one of the propeller is broken so why not add more damage to it hahaha

Spitfire Mk 2

This is all i need to transform this beautiful plane to a damaged plane .There you can see the Gundam weathering marker set that i normally use to weather my Gunpla kit,there are a lot of different color for different purpose,for example the most left marker, the dark brown color is use to look like mud or damp soil on your kit when you apply it and the most right marker is athe silver marker that can be use to add the effect of scratch marks by dry brushing .There is also the Chrome silver marker paint by tamiya that i prefer using than the Gundam weathering marker to add scratch marks by dry brushing also.A metal dish that is use to mix or store the paint for dry brushing.2 paint brush,2 cutter and a lot of ideas hahaha.

I painted the exhaust black and dry brush the exhaust and the wings with Tamiya chrome silver paint.It looks much better than the original color scheme right?

The tail fins also gets the dry brushing treatment and a messy panel lining

Stay tune for part 2 where i add some burn marks and bullet holes to the body

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