Friday, 22 January 2010

1/48 Spitfire Mk 2 custom aerial combat damage(part 3)

I insert the tip of the Tamiya chrome silver paint marker in the holes and let some of the ink flow then i uce a paint brush the fits in the holes and brush the ink away from the holes(in this case towards the north-eastern part of the plane).

After the silver paint dries i then insert the tip of the weathering gundam marker (GM29) into the holes just like what i did previously then i brush it in the same direction as the first.This gives you a realistic impression of bullet holes...i think

Because the hole was on the engine, the oils from the engine escapes thats why i apply a lot of the marker paint

Some oil splatter on the wings and burned bullet holes

This was a mistake ,i nearly drilled my finger because of this.Just imagine that someone is shootin from our point of view and hit his tail fin and into the planes body

Nice effect

MAYDAY...MAYDAY...Garuda 1 is down,send rescue team at latitude XXXX,XXXX,ASAP
That's it for today....Sayonara and thanks for viewing


  1. Woah love the overall battle damage man and dry brush look man :D Great work! Haha and a good way of converting a damage toy ^^

  2. Thanks for the project is to custom weather my 1/1oo OO raiser hehehe