Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I don't really know the name of this SMG,the name on the box is wrong, it's not M42.This BB gun is made in china so the quality of the pastic and metal is kinda poor.you'll see what i mean later on.This bb gun is brought from Indonesia for less than 30 Brunei Dollar.The brand is Double Eagle as you can see on the top right of the box

The content.A few items are missing.The 6mm pellets,the laser sight and i forgot the other one

The scope.The round part tht i'm holding can actually turn,it act's like a switch for a cross laser sight

There should be a laser sight installed in front of the trigger

The broken part this is what you get for buying cheap stuff

I still have another 2 bb gun review to show you guys so stay tune,Thanks and Bye...


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