Monday, 4 January 2010

Monster Hunter:The Legendary 6

Well this is my Monster Hunter character wearing a Nargacuga S armour suit and using a Wailing Cleaver which has a thunder element

Some more info

Besides doing nothing for the next 2 months i have come up with the idea of constructing my own version of Monster hunter.Some of the characters are based on real life Monster Hunter players so this short story is my version,Enjoy...


Once upon a time in a world dominated by monsters,6 strangers who crosses path with one another discovered their true destiny as a hunter.These 6 strangers became the best of friends and put each others lives in their comrade hands everytime they go hunting but as years passed,they became less and less active in their hunting activity until that one fateful day,one of thier comrade died,slained by the godly Fatalis.His body was honorably buried by his most trusted comrades under his house,that would later become the Village of Pokke in honor of his work.

The remaining 5 hunters rtired from their hunting life and went their seperate ways...teaching youngsters the importance of trust and the way of the Hunters.After many years of seperation,the 5 hunters miraculously met back with each other,and decided to set up an organization that will be known across the Land's as "Guild".The Guild is set up to train the true way of hunting to young inexperienced hunters so they could protect their loved ones and hopefully one day replaces the ageing hunters.

However in their final quest togather to slay the fatalis who once took their friend's life,they too recieved the same fate as their former friend.the remains of these brave hunters are sent back to their own respective Guild head quaters and are buried beneath each Guild.These guild attracted hunters and merchant alike.In time these Guild are surrounded by houses, shops,schools and other building you might find in a village.To honor these brave men the villages that rose from their Guild are named before them;Pokke,Kokoto,Jumbo,Minegarde and Dondruma.

And so began a new chapter in the life of 5 young ambitious hunters...

End of Introduction

Thank you for reading.Soon Chapter 1

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